Swan Lake presented by Voltora Friday Evening

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Voltora is proud to present "Swan Lake" at The Cavalier Centre this coming December. Witness an enchanting tale imaginatively retold through the medium of Equestrian Arts like never seen before.

"Swan Lake" will offer a stunning adventure in celebration of the human-horse relationship, and promises to take your breath away with sensational stunts and emotionally charged drama.

The story shifts between darkness and light, about the doomed love between Prince Seyfried and Odette - the cursed Swan Princess. The team behind Voltora and The Cavalier Centre bring this compelling story to life in a completely new and mesmerising experience - through the magic of the horse. Featuring liberty, trick riding, roman riding, jousting and so much more, along with stunning lighting, music and stagecraft, this is an unforgettable show that will leave you breathless.

Ticket will go on sale soon - keep your eyes peeled! Save the date!


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