BILLY 14.2hh (Born 2014)

Has had many names between Bill and Blue so Billy is now used as his stable name. Billy is an excellent driving horse as well as having a fabulous temperament, so he will be used as a driving horse as well as being ridden.

GREAT BEAR 17hh (Born 2002)

Purchased in May 2012 with money generously granted by Children in Need. He has a fabulous temperament and is a huge asset to the Perry Group being used in Vaulting and riding. He is a firm favourite within the group!

CASPA 11hh (Born 1999)

He was bought by his owner Lynne Munro, specifically to use as a therapy pony for the smaller children with physical difficulties, he is ideal for this as he has smooth paces and a brilliant temperament. He also enjoys being long reined so is ideal for more advanced children to move away from being directly led.

STUBBS 14hh (Born 1998)

His previous owner Gabie Ward still keeps in touch with us. He is brilliant to drive, a safe and comfortable pony to ride and loves carrying our smaller vaulters to competitions.  He is so steady and good natured that he is totally trusted by everyone. He has qualified for the RDA National Championships in dressage and the countryside challenge every year since he has been with the Perry Group.

SION 14.2hh (Born 2008)

Previously owned by Will Merrick Sion is used to drive but is also used in ridden and vaulting sessions. He is a wonderful kind little horse, very useful to have! He has qualified for the RDA National Championships at Hartpury July 2019

TOBY TAZ 12hh (Born 2000)

He has taught several young children to ride before coming to the RDA, he is much loved by many. As he is getting older, he still , very much enjoys it, especially when he is used in hippotherapy sessions

HUCKLEBERRY FINN 13.1hh (Born 2010)

He has a fabulous temperament, seems to take most things in his stride. After going away on loan to Mandy one of our driving coaches who progressed his driving career and took him on several BDS outings he will hopefully soon be assessed for driving at the RDA centre. Finn can also be used in ridden sessions and is a real fun horse to have around.

STAR 14.2hh (Born 2006)

Star was gifted to the group and then loaned to Stoneyford Riding School to improve his education. Will Merrick helped get him driving and he is now ready to be reassessed at the Centre for carriage driving. He is also a brilliant riding pony and has qualified for the RDA National Championships at Hartpury July 2019.

ARCHIE 12.2hh (Born 2013)

Archie is on loan to the group from Rick and Marian Bremner. He is a lovely Dartmoor pony that has been used for driving and riding by his owners.

Theo 15hh

As the Cavalier Centre grows in popularity, it needed to buy a new horse. Saputo Dairy UK, whose Innovation Centre is located in nearby Edgmond, were eager to support us and the result was Theo! Read more about his story here.