Equine Psychotherapy

The reasons that people come to therapy are many and varied. Anything from poor self esteem to complex trauma, addictions, depression, anxiety or bereavement can all lead to a person seeking help. Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is an experiential form of therapy that includes horses. The HEAL approach is grounded in the neuroscience of relationship and the relationship between the client and the horse is seen as central to the process of change. The activities within the sessions are built around the natural development of a mutually beneficial, working relationship with the horse. Activities range from observing the horses, to approaching, touching, haltering, grooming, synchronous breathing, learning to soothe a nervous horse; practicing boundaries and yielding through leading and groundwork exercises; active free play in a large round pen, using a join up model with a relationship focus.

Polly and Alix are experienced psychotherapists and trainers working in the field of trauma. Polly is a graduate and Instructor in the HEAL approach. Alix is trained in EMDR and both offer Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) as part of the work.

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