RDA Activities


Ranging from “pure fun” through to international dressage, Perry RDA provides the ideal combination of enjoyment and fulfilment that comes from being on a horse or a pony. Individual and group needs are catered for in the form of expert supervision, advice and care.

The therapeutic benefits of riding are numerous and as well as the physical benefits of improving posture, becoming stronger and helping riders to become more supple, exercising with a horse is great fun! You can improve your awareness, communication, confidence and decision making as well as enjoy activities with a community of like-minded people

Carriage driving

Specially designed carriages, equipped with ramps for wheelchair access, allow all ranges of disability to be catered for. If capable, drivers are encouraged to take up the reins themselves whilst being accompanied by an expert coach. Driving takes place in an enclosed arena or our driving track. Carriage Driving can range from a relaxing drive through the rolling countryside to exciting competitions where your ability to make quick decisions and having the confidence to control a fast-moving horse and carriage are put to the test.


Vaulting is a specialised discipline within equestrian sport and described as gymnastics on horseback. The Perry Vaulting Group is unique in the West Midlands and continues to grow in popularity. Participation in vaulting leads to increased self-confidence, improved balance and core control, improved fitness and social skills amongst many other positives. Feedback from parents proves the benefits of vaulting to be many and participation in the sport can commence from as young as 6 and go on into the 20s. We also host the Shropshire Vaulters, this is a group for the Perry vaulting group to progress to and is inclusive.

For more information on Shropshire Vaulters please click here


Hippotherapy in the UK is a physiotherapy treatment which is carried out in an equine environment by a Chartered Physiotherapist who has completed post graduate training in this specialised treatment area.

The movement of a walking horse is very similar to that of the human whilst walking and so the gait specific movements can transfer to a patient whilst they are sitting astride a horse. The horses are chosen with regard to their temperament, size and quality of movement. Unlike therapeutic riding there is no intention to teach riding skills. A patient may or may not wear a riding hat depending on their level of head control and what the aims of the session are.

Horse care

Horse care and behaviour studies can be arranged for individual or group sessions. It has been proven that working around horses and ponies can produce behaviour modification in participants, as well as increasing their self-confidence and skill base. RDA offers many learning options, including ASDAN courses, AQA qualifications, YELA (Young Equestrian Leaders) and RDA Proficiency tests. We run a weekly Pony Care Club for children where they can learn the skills and knowledge to achieve the RDA Horse Care Proficiency Tests.

Mechanical horse

The Racetrack built equine simulator with integral computer generated graphics on the television screen is a tremendous addition to The Perry Group ‘stables’.

The simulator is about the size of an average horse (15 hands high) and moves in walk, trot and canter in the same way that a real horse does. This provides the opportunity for individual participants to enjoy moving at speeds they would not be able to achieve on a real horse or pony which can generate feelings of motivation and increase self-confidence. More advanced riders can practice the aids for flying changes which they might not be able to do on their own horse.

There is a ceiling hoist to assist participants who might be unable to access the mounting steps.

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