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The very existence of an RDA Group depends almost entirely on its army of supporters. If it wasn’t for the volunteer helpers then no riding, driving or vaulting could take place. So, if you have time available, could you help?

Perry RDA enables people with varying disabilities to take up riding, carriage driving and vaulting. This could not happen without the many dedicated volunteers.

The benefits to the riders are enormous and the helpers also get a lot out of it too.

Perry RDA relies on the support and skills of their many coaches and volunteers. There is also ongoing training given to whatever level is desired.  We are a very friendly, sociable group with volunteers coming from all walks of life.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Perry RDA Group, contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

Just read the reasons why one of the volunteers drives almost 50 miles round trip each weekend to help:

Testimonial- Sam Davison

“I travel as far as I do because Perry RDA is an exceptional place. A friendly and welcoming environment that benefits so many and not just the RDA participants.

I like the can do attitude and that the people there go above and beyond for the participants.

Being a part of the team that operates on a Saturday is both challenging and rewarding we work out in all weathers, we operate all day, we have a good time, we learn new things and drink a fair amount of tea.

Having been there for a number of years I have witnessed and been a part of the good work that is carried out by the group. It is nice to see the participants develop and make achievements both big and small and of course to see them enjoying themselves.

Perry RDA has helped me build my confidence and develop as a person it has opened doors for me in the wider world and ultimately it has helped me shape my career. I have learnt so many transferrable skills from people management to communication from volunteering at Perry RDA which I can now take from the riding arena to the boardroom.

Seeing and helping participants to grow in confidence, make friendships, be challenged, overcome barriers and achieve is why I travel as far as I do because there is no place like it”

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